Academic Hive Research Bootcamp 3.0

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About Course

Welcome to the World of Research! This 2-week intensive course is designed to thoroughly guide you on the research journey. As with past bootcamp, participants will learn how to Research Confidently; and become adept at data analysis. By enrolling for this course, you also stand a chance to win $100 publishing grant.

What Will I Learn?

  • Research writing
  • Data analysis with modern softwares
  • Publishing hacks
  • Accessing research funding.

Topics for this course

62 Lessons

Day 1: Welcome & Introduction?

Learn: 1. What is research? 2. Importance of research 3. Critical skills necessary for researchers
What is Research?
Importance of Research
Critical Skills for Research
Additional Resources
Describe a problem you will like to solve through research

Day 2: The Research Process

Day 3: Idea/Topic Conceptualization

Day 4: Literature Review

Day 5: Research Methodology

Day 6: Introduction to Data Analysis & Analytics

Day 7: Quantitative Data Analysis

Day 8: Qualitative Data Analysis

Day 9: Data Analysis Software Training & Presentation of Findings

Day 10: Elsevier’s Workshop: Tips for Accessing Research Funding


Material Includes

  • Videos
  • Lecture Notes/Presentations
  • Templates
  • Other external resources


  • You are advised to watch each day's session and join the live session by 8 pm (WAT) to interact with the facilitators and ask specific questions about the lessons.

Target Audience

  • Graduate Students
  • Early Career Researchers
  • Research Supervisors
  • Young Professionals